Backchannel is a secure messaging application framework and middleware that interfaces PeerStream's Protocol (PSP) for hyper-secure communications

Text, voice, and video-enabled leveraging a cryptographic identity and distributed / decentralized networks to promote free speech and serve privacy-minded end users, Enterprises and Government agencies. 






No Personally Identifiable

Information (PII)

Backchannel requires no PII and will utilize crypto addresses for user identity, providing security and identity protection surpassing the leading secure messaging applications today.

Decentralized communication means no "trusted" middleman servers that can be compromised 

End-to-end-encryption (E2EE) is not enough to prevent exploit.  Attribution of user information such as location and internet addressing can provide damaging and disruptive intel to would be attackers and nation states.

Tapping into a rich transport and onion routed binary network protocol provides assured messaging without the ability to track and trace source and destination participants

The network protocol is a transport layer leveraged by both blockchain solutions and traditional network topologies.

About PeerStream, Inc.

PeerStream, Inc., PeerStream is a communications software innovator developing enhanced security and privacy solutions for multimedia communication and data transmission.


Our offerings target consumer, government and enterprise clients. Using multi-layered encryption, blockchain technology and other recent innovations, we are developing our proprietary PeerStream Protocol (“PSP”) to offer clients maximal data security and confidentiality.  Our Backchannel product suite is a companion to PSP, including cross-platform applications, middleware and software development kits designed for highly secure end-user communications.


For 20 years, we have built and continue to operate innovative consumer applications, including Paltalk and Camfrog, two of the largest live video social communities. The Company has a long history of technology innovation and holds 26 patents. For more information, please visit:


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