Backchannel is a secure messaging app harnessing blockchain for complete privacy

Video-enabled 1:1 and group messaging leverages crypto identity and decentralization to promote free speech and serve privacy-minded end users




Private Beta Launched in Q4 2018!

Public Beta due out in Q2 2019

No Personally Identifiable

Information (PII)

Backchannel requires no PII and will utilize blockchain crypto addresses for user identity, providing security and identity protection surpassing the leading secure messaging applications today.

Decentralized communication means no "trusted" middleman servers that can be compromised 

Governmental authorities have the ability to coerce app developers to decrypt encrypted messages and reveal customer identities without the knowledge or permission of those involved.

Freemium app will enable crypto token micropayments for the highest security premium features

Tapping into a rich network and fat protocol including Consensus, decentralized P2P Messaging, and Streaming.

The network protocol is the catalyst to a new blockchain governed platform for 3rd party developers to enjoy.

About PeerStream, Inc.

PeerStream, Inc., is a communications software innovator developing enhanced security and privacy solutions for video, voice, and text applications and data transmission.


The Company is currently developing PeerStream Protocol (“PSP”), a decentralized multimedia content delivery solution building on blockchain technology. PSP will form the core of a technology platform that supports the Company’s portfolio of social video applications and newly formed business solutions group created to serve the blockchain adoption needs of corporate clients.  


The Company’s app portfolio features Paltalk, which hosts one of the world's largest collections of video-based social communities.  The Company has a long history of technology innovation and holds 26 patents. 


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